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Upper Lamprey Scenic Byway

A drive of beautiful scenery and history.

Length: 50.4 miles
Towns: Candia, Deerfield, Northwood
Highlights: Sink your teeth into fried dough's crisp sweetness on a brisk September day at the Deerfield Fair. Listen in contemplative calm, letting an eloquent brook do the talking. Stumble upon a timeless treasure while browsing on Northwood's Antique Alley.

The route loops through the towns of Candia, Deerfield and Northwood, easily accessible to travelers from NH 101. In addition to roughly following the path of its namesake Lamprey River, the route also passes through historic sections of each of the three towns.

Highlights of the route include scenic vistas, rolling farmland, cultural gems such as the Deerfield Fair, monuments, historic structures, and Northwood's "Antique Alley". Driving this route, one comes to an increased appreciation for the 18th- and 19th- century history that defines these towns and makes this undiscovered part of New Hampshire unique.

From Candia Village's surprising industrial prowess, complete with a flourishing waterpowered complex of mills, to Deerfield's successful farms and inns, to Northwood's shoe shops, one can almost taste the history of this region. When combined with babbling brooks, vivid lakeside sunsets, and local residents' charisma, the byway beckons travelers from the northeastern US and beyond, especially those who wish to weave themselves into the fabric of rural New Hampshire.