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Are you stuck on where to go and what to see on your trip to New Hampshire?  Well, let us lead the way for you. We've put together some trips that we love to take and want to share them with you. Good luck, and happy trails!

The Group Activity Guide is a compilation of annual events, suggested itineraries, and a directory of group-friendly activities throughout New Hampshire.

New Hampshire's Behind The Scenes & Interactive Tour 3-day
New Hampshire is referenced on occasion as the two-by-four state as it takes just two hours to drive across the widest point, and four hours to drive from north to south. But don’t let the short drive fool you, there is an endless amount of unique and exciting things for groups to do. This ‘Behind the Scenes Interactive Tour’ gives groups a chance to go behind the scenes at some of New Hampshire’s top attractions such as the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Your group will be immersed in three days of fun while discovering the authentic culture of the state. Because of the programming and customization required for each of these businesses to serve the unique needs of your group, advanced reservations are definitely required. Download PDF
New Hampshire's Garden Tour 5-day
This is far more than your typical garden tour. This itinerary was designed to use New Hampshire’s stunning blooming season, offering more colors than foliage, as your excuse to submerge your groups into New Hampshire’s culture and heritage. In addition to exploring New Hampshire’s formal gardens found at places such as the Fells Historic Estate near the shores of Lake Sunapee and Prescott Park in downtown Portsmouth, your group will experience chef demonstrations, taste locally harvested forest-to-bottle wines and meads, be surrounded by the butterflies drawn to natural flora, and partake in the local’s favorite spring event – the Lupine Festival.
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New Hampshire's Dine & Dash Winter Brew Tour 4-day
When winter arrives, all of New Hampshire’s rarities are covered with a glistening layer of snow creating a winter wonderland. Don’t worry! You don’t need to be a pro on the powder to enjoy all that New Hampshire has to offer. Alongside the plethora of winter wonders, challenge yourself to new adventures and celebrate each day with a glass (or two) of New Hampshire’s very own hand-crafted brews and delectable New England inspired culinary traditions. Download PDF
New Hampshire's Play With Your Food Tour 4-day
Culinary creations have become a form of art. Inspirations from across New Hampshire have merged giving visitors a one-of-a-kind taste of New Hampshire. Eat and drink your way through New Hampshire while experiencing the state’s cultural and historical significance. This tour will take you through some of the most celebrated destinations in a creative and scrumptious way. Download PDF

New Hampshire Student's Team Building & Nature 5-day
In New Hampshire, you can find an adventure that will bring you closer to your friends and change the way you view the natural world around you. Soar through the air, ride with the rapids, tunnel through narrow boulder caves, learn survival skills, and look wildlife in the eye. Download PDF

New Hampshire Student's Footprints From The Past South 5-day
New Hampshire, being #9 out of the 13 original colonies, has experienced first-hand many pivotal moments in history including: the first aggressive act of the Revolutionary War, the destination for Paul Revere on his famous ride, Native American tribes, enslaved African Americans, global power in textile and trade, famous politicians and authors, and more. New Hampshire’s rich history and deeply engrained Yankee culture makes for an exciting educational journey. Download PDF

New Hampshire Student's Footprints From The Past North 5-day
New Hampshire was the first vacation destination in the United States that flourished with the dawn of train travel. Stately resorts and lakeside and mountain towns dotted the entire northern half of the state. Famous stories such as Pollyanna and Curious George were written in New Hampshire while their creators lived and vacationed here. While these authors enjoyed the natural assets in New Hampshire for peace and inspiration, there was a whole other group who were turning this gorgeous state into an adrenaline playground by chiseling the first hiking and ski trails in the country. This tour will take you through the first “footprints” of its kind in our country as you follow the path of those who traveled here centuries before. Download PDF
New Hampshire Student's Just Plain Fun 5-day
Amusement parks, water parks, and adrenaline –OH MY! Download PDF

Colonial Tour 4-day
Drafts of the Declaration of Independence, Fort William and Mary (now Fort Constitution), Maritime folklore, indian attacks, and Shakers.
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Downtown Sweet Tooth Tour 3-day
This tour is more than just gourmet chocolates and delectable sweets. It will take your group on a journey through the tastes, aromas, and experiences of our delicious state. Do more than taste the flavors - experience them! Explore a New England winery, shop tax-free, receive a farm-to-table presentation at a local favorite restaurant, take a train stop at a cider mill, and drive through our mountain notches. The only food missing from this itinerary is our lobster (feel free to add in a lobsterbake if you want it)! Download PDF

Rail and SALE! 4-day
North Conway, famous for its name brand factory outlets and high-end boutique shops, is a must-visit in New Hampshire. From canopy tours and skiing at Cranmore Mountain to dinner trains on the Conway Scenic Railroad and outdoor adventures throughout the White Mountain National Forest. Groups won't want to leave! Download PDF

New Hampshire Adventure Girls or Guys Tour 4-day
In New Hampshire, we do more than sit and look pretty. Well… we do that too! This group tour is for the young and the young at heart who do not shy away from an adventure and a good time. From axe-throwing and white-water rafting to spa visits and scotch tasting, get you’re adrenaline pumping then relax your stresses away. Download PDF
New Hampshire Bubbles and Bubbles Tour 4-day
Gather your glamor girls and indulge with everything that sparkles! From the mountain grands to the shimmering water in Meredith Bay, every guest will be enthralled by what they see. There is no shortage of pampering to be had, but this tour is far from predictable. Every sense will have a surprise. Download PDF

Birdspotting & Wildlife Tour 4-day
See the raptors at the Squam Lakes Science Center, to the wild hawks that nest in Franconia Notch State Park, to the rare species on Mount Washington and that flock along our coast. This tour is birdwatching with a unique flare by pulling in sled dog adventures and mountain tramways. Download PDF

Train and Cruise Tour 3-day
Scenic trains and cruises are a major part of New Hampshire's history and actually made New Hampshire the United State's first vacation destination by bringing wealthy families north from Boston in the mid 1800's.
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Adventure Tour 6-day
Explore New Hampshire's wide range of adventure from deep sea fishing on the coast to guided mountain hikes in the national forest. Wake up early for summit yoga classes or enjoy a ride on a train up the highest peak in the Northeast. Download PDF
Brewery and Vineyard Tour 2-day
Micro-brews are as much a representation of local culture as you can find in the east as are the brew masters. And wines! Every step in the process from growing to cellaring is done with passion and New Hampshire's wines have international awards to show for it; though our wine-makers stay proud, humble and true to the Granite State.
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Wildlife Tour 4-day
Cruises and castles, living museums and historic theatres. Infuse the natural side of our beautiful state with our culture in this unique tour. Download PDF

Tax-Free Shopping Tour 4-day
Renovated mill marketplaces, Main Street boutiques, and name-brand outlets shopping. From the world's longest candy counter in Littleton to Keepsake, the largest quilt shop.Come in late fall and spring for the best sales! Download PDF

Education Tour 5-day
Up north experience the Canterbury Shaker Village down to the oldest resort town in America, Wolfeboro.Visit Strawbery Banke Museum to explore four centuries of history. All of the seven regions offer a wide range of education in all subjects! Download PDF

Farm and Garden Tour 4-day
The natural landscape of New Hampshire provides visitors with activities from garden tours, nature walks, and dairy farms such as Stonyfield Farm. People of all ages love tasting the sweetness of spring maple sugar and learning about the collection process. Download PDF

New Hampshire's Film Tour 4-day
Many filmmakers choose locations in New Hampshire as the backdrop for their films because of its unique scenery and characteristics. From mountains to lakes, historic mills to town squares and more, it’s no wonder that movies filmed here include Academy Award winners, critic favorites, box-office hits and cult classics. Follow along our Film Tour or make your own trip itinerary!
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