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NH Live Free 360 Videos

It's almost like you're really there!
Ok, not really, but these 360-degree videos are as close as you can get to the real thing right now. Take in the breathtaking views of hiking trails, paddle along the calming ocean and kayak or boat along sparkling lakes and rivers.  The 360-degree experience can be accessed via the YouTube or Facebook app on your mobile device or by using Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers and rotating or swiping on the screen.

NH LiveFree360 Hiking

Hit the trails for a virtual hike up to the summit of New Hampshire’s Franconia Ridge.

NH LiveFree360 Lake Winnipesaukee Boating

Experience a sun-kissed summer day from every angle on Lake Winnipesaukee.

NH LiveFree360 Ocean Kayaking

There’s nothing more peaceful than a day on the water in Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s Little Harbor.

NH LiveFree360 Fly Fishing on the Connecticut River

Cast a virtual line into New Hampshire’s rushing Connecticut River on our 360-degree fly-fishing trip.