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Staff Directory

Victoria Cimino
[email protected]
Guides DTTD in its mission of developing and promoting New Hampshire as a domestic and international travel destination to increase visitation, business activity and employment throughout the state.

Amy Bassett
Deputy Director
[email protected]
Synchronizes all staff and responsibilities within the Division and directs contracted partners.

Hilary Denoncourt Business Administrator
[email protected] Oversees DTTD administration, agency reporting, development and management of RFP processing and contracts, monitoring legislation, and Division budget development and management.

Brittany Littlefield
Executive Assistant
[email protected]
Assists the Director and the Bureau of Visitor Services providing expertise and organization for the Division of Travel and Tourism Development.

Kris Neilsen
Communications Manager
[email protected]
Communicates with members of the media, the general public, and the tourism industry through viral and traditional public relations.

Michele Cota
Trade Relations Manager
[email protected]
Collaboratively develops and implements marketing strategies that promote tourism and that foster partnerships with New Hampshire tourism businesses.

Stacy Geisler
Digital Marketing Speciailst
[email protected]
Oversees web content and design, electronic communication, databases and image library.

Grant Klene
Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]
Manages the Division of Parks and Recreation’s website, social media efforts and handles design and photography needs.

Ryan Vaughn
Web Assistant
[email protected]
Assists with the maintenance and content generation of all the department websites

Barbara Shea
Administrative Resource Specialist
[email protected]
Administers the DTTD’s Joint Promotional Grant Program, develops rule filings, supports the business office and manages BEA’s legislative tracking system.