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Don’t Go Viral Campaign

Using the lingo of social media (and the way users communicate on those platforms), the "Don't Go Viral" campaign frames the messaging of masks/social distancing/testing in a simple and relevant way. The campaign will feature a series of clever headlines paired with concise and direct messaging around the importance of following COVID-19 safety protocols.

To view complete details about the campaign, please download the presentation below.  You can also download posters and graphics for social media by clicking on the following images. We encourage you to share these graphics on your own social media channels. Please note: the following graphics should not be modified to include additional images or logos.  However, please feel free to use your own text in the copy of the social posts to best reflect the needs of your own property.

Campaign Presentation


8.5x11 Poster 
11x17 Poster 

Facebook Graphics


Instagram Graphics