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NH Total Solar Eclipse 2024

Mark Your Calendars: April 8, 2024

On April 8, 2024, a Total Solar Eclipse will darken New Hampshire's skies in one of nature's most awe-inspiring shows. For 3 minutes and 15 seconds, skies will darken, temperatures will drop, and the country will pause to watch as the Moon passes over the light of the Sun, completely blocking its light.

This event will be a massive opportunity for New Hampshire’s tourism industry. Northern New Hampshire will be in the eclipse’s Path of Totality, which offers viewers the most dramatic view of the eclipse. An influx of visitors will travel to the state in the hopes of getting this once-in-a-lifetime view of the sky. The last time New Hampshire was in the direct path of a Solar Eclipse was in 1959, and the next won’t be until 2079.

We have the opportunity to maximize this celestial event and show off New Hampshire to thousands of visitors in the Spring of 2024!

2024 Eclipse Path of Totality through New Hampshire


Total Solar Eclipse Resources:

  • NHTC Solar Eclipse Presentation: March 29, 2022, Dr. Douglas Arion, Executive Director Mountains of Stars, Professor Emeritus Carthage College, Dr. Rick Fienberg, Senior Contributing Editor, Sky & Telescope, Project Manager, Solar Eclipse Task Force, American Astronomical Society, Amy Bassett, Deputy Director of New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development
  • ‚ÄčInteractive Solar Eclipse Map

Solar Eclipse Planning Workshops

Leading up to the 2017 TSE, the  AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force ran a series of educational workshops to prepare the nation. These workshops were key to helping communities located in the path of totality effectively manage the influx of visitors, broadcast appropriate information about eye-safety, and coordinate efforts among scientific, educational, governmental, and local organizations to work collectively.

Upcoming Workshops

  • October 27-28, 2023, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire (hosts: Appalachian Mountain Club, NH Solar Eclipse Task Force, Mountains of Stars)