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Bulk Order Eclipse Glasses

The NH Division of Travel & Tourism has had several requests to add-on to the state’s purchase of eclipse viewing glasses, and we are now pleased to share we’ve finalized a process to participate in a bulk buy! See below for complete details:
  • The state is committing to purchasing 25,000 glasses to ensure that we are getting the lowest price, that means there can only be one.  The design will be the official Solar Eclipse Glass.
  • All purchases must be made in multiples of 500.
  • Organizations will be invoiced after the state places the glasses order.
  • There will be a distribution point for glasses pick-up, they will not be delivered to each purchaser.
  • A reminder, each lodging property will be receiving four solar glasses per each room they have.
  • All orders must be received by December 21, 2023 by 4pm. We will place the order in the morning of December 22, 2023.
With the eclipse only 4 months away, there will be a tight turnaround for orders. The price is expected to increase right after the New Year and supplies of glasses drops significantly the closer we get to the date of the eclipse, so please do not hesistate to place your order today.
If you are interested in participating in this order, complete the order form below. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].
Glasses Quantity:

Glasses must be ordered in quantities of 500.