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Tourism Development Strategy

The Division of Travel & Tourism is beginning an exciting process to develop a Tourism Development Strategy (TDS). The TDS will help guide the future of tourism in New Hampshire and is being developed with a focus on all seven regions of the state.  As part of the process, we are conducting surveys to gather input from both residents of New Hampshire and tourism and hospitality stakeholders in New Hampshire.

Visit New Hampshire Resident Survey
Your input as a resident provides a valuable perspective on the state and the region’s tourism opportunity and overall appeal. These questions are designed to collect your views about the region for residents to live, work, and play, and as a destination for visitors to enjoy. With your help and input, we’ll make New Hampshire an even better place to visit and with that a better place to live.

New Hampshire Tourism Development Strategy Stakeholder Survey
The survey is designed to incorporate views and thoughts from a broad base of stakeholders across the state of New Hampshire. This will inform the TDS and give direction for priorities and recommendations. We are interested in your insights as a stakeholder in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry within New Hampshire.

*The surveys have now closed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bethanie DeRose, Senior Vice President at Jones Lang LaSalle.