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JPP Program

The purpose of the New Hampshire Joint Promotional Program (JPP) is to invest in tourism promotional initiatives developed by groups and organizations to encourage the development of quality out-of-state and in-state promotion projects.

The primary goals of the program are to develop New Hampshire as a year-round vacation destination, increase the length of stay, and to raise the level of quality of the projects done by local, regional and statewide organizations in order to maintain a strong economic base in the state.

To submit a grant, please click here.

JPP FY2024 Deadlines
  • Round 1:
    • Application Due Date: 6/7/2023
    • Applicants Notified: 6/21/2023
    • G&C Meeting: 8/2/2023
  • Round 2:
    • Application Due Date: 8/23/2023
    • Applicants Notified: 9/6/2023
    • G&C Meeting: 10/18/2023
  • *Round 3:
    • Application Due Date: 1/10/2024
    • Applicants Notified: 1/24/2024
    • G&C Meeting: 3/6/2024
  • *Round 4:
    • Application Due Date: 3/20/2024
    • Applicants Notified: 4/3/2024
    • G&C Meeting: 5/15/2024
*Application due dates are confirmed, however all other dates are subject to change after final G&C Meeting dates have been confirmed.
Rules/State Laws
Helpful Hints for JPP Applicants

JPP applicants will find these documents very helpful in preparing their applications.

Important Forms
  • Signature Form
    Signature Form: Please print, sign and upload with your grant application

  • Vendor Registration
    Vendor registration is necessary for new orginations as part of the application process. To register to become a New Hampshire vendor, please click here.

  • Reimbursement Form (JPP-2) The following forms must be used to submit all requests for reimbursement for your grant.
    Reimbursement Instructions
    Sample Reimbursement Form
    Reimbursement Form

  • JPP Evaluation Report Form (JPP-3)
    This form MUST be used by all applicants.


Electronic Formats and Links 
Please visit the Logos page to download New Hampshire logos. 

JPP-funded websites are required to provide a link to